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Hi, what kind of plastic skulls are you looking for? I'm trying to convince myself to downsize, and I've got some soft plastic (rubbery) skulls that I bought a few years ago. They are hollow, but I fill them with fiberfill when I use them. I got them at a store called SanFransico or something - they were very cheap. (About a buck each) I've also got some cheap harder plastic skulls (like bluckies?), a little dented but still useable, and some hard skulls - a bit bigger than life size - some have been drilled to fit over conduit.

I don't know how expensive it is to ship such things across Canada, or even if this is the sort of thing you're looking for. I'll try to take some pictures of some of the Halloween items that I am thinking about passing on in the next few days. It is hard for me to part with the stuff, but I really don't have the space to keep all that I have. (How many skulls do I really need?)

I'm still undecided about parting with some of the more expensive items I've bought from the States but again there is the shipping costs - and I would kind of like the imported stuff to stay in Canada now, as there is such a shortage of neat/unusual Halloween items here!

Gee, I don't know if I helped you or just made a consumer guilt confession! I'm hoping that I can downsize my stuff enough to fit it all neatly in my 8 x 10 ft Halloween room. Right now everything is so packed in there you can barely open the door.

Let me know if this helps in any way!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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