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ok, first and foremost I wish this guy was on this forum... HOLY CRAP he is my IDOL. I found his website last year, from a link from spookyblue's page, specifically his groundbreaker how-to Spooky Blue - Halloween Projects - Ground breaker corpses.

Anyway, I instantly fell in love with his artwork. I never thought static props could be so insanely scary.

I do have a specific question... does anyone know anything about the methods/materials he uses? I was looking through his 2007 pics Halloween 2007 pics... last year, and was REALLY intrigued by his "ghosts"

I guess I am just wondering if that's basically just cheese cloth and paper mache for the most part?

just for reference I made my first mache/pumpkinrot style prop last year:

This year I want to make more, but I was just looking for ideas/opinions/etc on differing techniques.
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