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Pumpkin stencil program?

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I remember seeing a program many years ago.
it took your photo and processed it into an image with three grades of shading.
Black grey and white. to be used as a pumpkin template.

dont remeber where I saw it or what it was called.

anyone know of a similar program?
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Dont know. I cannot make any sense out of that paragraph. I dont think i want to download this to find out.

Are you saying you used this program
I followed that link. I WOULD NOT download that. I say that based only on the HORRIBLE paragraph. Someone used a very bad translator or something I guess but----never mind. I tried to go back to that site and copy and paste some things in that paragraph that raised flags for me but my McAfee site advisor is popping up warnings now and I'm not bypassing them just to copy and paste.
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