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Pumpkin Killer Carving ???

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I'm sure many of you have seen the Pumpkin carving/display of the "serial killer pumpkin". Just curious if anybody has ever tried making this or knows of any how to's? I'm dying to make this and display it on my front lawn. I'm sure If I stare at it long enough I can do it, but I'm sure it would be much easier and less time consuming if somebody has already done it and has some suggestions or knows of a how to. Thanks!

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It's really easy. Just get a length of electrical conduit, long enough to stack the pumpkins plus an extra 8-10 inches to pound into the ground. Drill holes through the top and bottom of the lower two pumkins and through the bottom of the top pumpkin. Carve the face as you want it and drill holes for the arms. Pound the conduit into the ground and stack. Easy!
That is cool!!! might have to try it myself!
LOL i just might do that my self and place it right out side of the elvator to my bulding and scary all the kids on my floor.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oooo that will be a good one
That is a psycho use of pumpkins LOL!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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