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sorry for the dirty door pic lol ugh, again I have bad hands, and drop stuff on a daily basis I dropped soda trying to open the spare room door, thought I got it all up but I seen from the pic I did not...

Also selling this 36 inch pumpkin butler prop. I got him in 2014, his head lights up a very nice orange, and he says about 5 different things. Uses 3 aa batteries. from a totally smoke free home. Asking 100 dollars for him. plus shipping, unless you live near me Yucca Valley CA and want to get him in person. Shipping know will be high due to the size box, 37 x 19 x 19. You can even verify from my zip 92284, to yours. If you are interested just let me know I will see who has the best deal for shipping if you can email me at [email protected] any questions at all fee free to email me, and Happy Holidays =)

also if this is allowed, I am going to post my ebay link here where I have all my Halloween items listed, if anyone is interested again just email me, and I will give you a nice deal to any forum members. if I am not allowed to post my ebay link, could a mod kindly remove it. =) I have nerve damage in both hands, every finger so typing even is truly a chore, so thought with the ebay link you guys could see all my Halloween I am selling, but if its against the rules to post it I totally understand.

ebay page

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