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Pumpkin Ale.

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Tis the season for Pumpkin Ale to hit the shelves at your local liquor store (normally late August through late November) Personally, its one of my favorite types of beer but its really like a love it or hate it kinda thing. Its about a 50-50 Split amongst my circle of friends of yays to nays when it comes to this seasonal beverage.

Personally I think, Wild Bills Brewery is probably the best, but Sarnac, Smutty Nose, and Sam Adams are also pretty good.

So what are yous thought? Like it? Hate it? Never had it?
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Never had it. But I definitely want to try it! Sounds YUMMY!
Well I guess a lot of it comes from how you feel about pumpkins, the beer totally has that Pumpkin Spice taste to it. Pumpkin Ale was originally brewed by the colonists to conserve their supply of malt. In Modern times Buffalo Bill's Brewary of San Fran was the company that really brought it back into production. A lot of the companies that make it (outside of Sam Adams) are Micro-brews so they'll charge you a bit more at the register.

Buffalo Bill-

Smutty Nose-
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I tried it last year. Didn't really care for it. I couldn't taste the pumpkin spice.
Great thread! I shall be following it closely!
Blue Moon makes a pumpkin ale called Harvest Moon. It's not bad though I really don't think it's very pumpkiny. Shipyard also makes a pumpkin ale called Pumpkinhead. I've never tried it but it has a cool looking bottle.
I just found out that Schlafly, the local microbrewery (that I do luvs so much) has a pumpkin ale; I'm gonna try it this year. I hope I like it.
I love it! I look for it every year. My favorite is Buffalo Bill.

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Last year CostPlus World Market carried a number of halloween spirits including some pumpkin ale. I was impressed with their variety.
i've tried the blue moon and the sam adams. sam adams was the best. i look for other brands each fall, but the stores near me don't seem to offer much of a selection. most of the time when i ask for any pumpkin brews, rhe clerk looks at me like i'm crazy.
We tried a pumpkin ale last year, and frankly there wasn't enough pumpkin taste to it, and since I'm not fond of normal beer, I didn't care for it very much. Tasted like regular beer with such a slight hint of spice it was barely there.

If you are going to make something called "pumpkin ale", then make it taste like a spiced pumpkin (which is one of my favorite flavors in the world).

Anyone know if there are any alcoholic Pumpkin Spiced Cider's out there? That would probably be VERY tasty. Heck, even a non-alcoholic version would be better.
Yes the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale in is really pretty good!
What a coincidence! I picked up a case of Saranac Pumpkin Ale just yesterday! I have to admit that while I like the flavor, its the jack o'lantern on the label that originally sold me!
We mix it in with the beer at our Halloween party.
Buffalo Bill's is by far the best. I've had a few different Pumpkin Ales. There were a couple that were really horrible. Unfortunately, I can't remember their names, or I'd warn the masses. Now, I've gotta go see if I can get my hands on some Wild Bill's.

I did see Sam Adams' Ocoberfest in the stores as early as a coupel of weeks ago.
The best I tried was Dog fish or something of the sort. It had a strong pumpkin spice taste. The Blue Moon was good and more common to find. Found that at Kroger. Just checked its Dog fish Punkin Ale. I can't wait it was soooo gooooood. MMMMMMMM
But still the best by far......... Pumpkinhead Ale from the Salem Beer Works in Salem , Mass. Now that will make you howl at the moon.
I don't drink beer but friends do, I will have to check my local stores for these, thanks! Not to get too far oof the subject--- by the way has anyone ever tried the Werewolf lager? I was thought that was interesting too....

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Last season I got Lakefront Pumpkin Lager, the only pumpkin lager in existence (everyone else does a pumpkin ale). My first sip of it was terrible. I couldn't taste any pumpkin flavor at all. After I let it warm up, from refrigerator temperature to almost room temperature, I suddenly found it had a very strong flavor of pumpkin spice. I put the case in the basement (ambient temperature 65-70 all year round), and drank the rest of it unrefrigerated.

It looks like I'm the only teetotaler here. :D
I'm not a huge beer drinker either but I'm a huge pumpkin fan so I've tried a few pumpkin beers. The one I liked best is Pumpkinhead from Ship Yard. Tasted it when I was in Maine this time 2 years ago and really liked it. Fortunately we found a local source for it here in Michigan so it's a good thing.
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