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Was wanting to find out what Pumkinrot is playing in his videos on his web site. Any ideas? The all see like they might be from a single artist. But IDK?

Like this video (at the bottom of the page) http://pumpkinrot.com/pages/Page36.htm

When you go to his blog, you will see that he tags his posts. If you click the soundtrack tag, you get all the blog posts he has tagged with "soundtrack."


here are his "music" tags: http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.com/search/label/music

You might be able to sort back through and find what he uses. Or you could email and ask! I like his blog, but don't listen to the music... but I am sure it is really awesome.

Gosh, I also found the P.R.'s Youtube channel, take a lookie-lou there too! On the videos he does have a small bit of info about the music...and if it is on itunes, it is to the far right.
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