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I can only go on my own experiences.

I was exposed to a really for real murder-suicide scene as a young child (5-6ish). My best friend's parents. I had to walk through it to get to the phone to call the cops. So, yeah, my brain's probably permanently derranged.

I started watching horror quickly thereafter, and every single one would terrify me to no end. I'd be up for days.
Started building my own haunt at 8, learning theatrical makeup from age 9 (and through about age 20, the gorier the better).
Haunted houses came later, 10 and up. I'd have nightmares of them afterwards.

I've told my kids many times, it's not because I'm NOT afraid that I do this...it's because I'm afraid of EVERYTHING.

My fears never stopped my desires to both visit and build things. If anything, they were the driving factor.
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