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Protecting blow molds from the sun/fading?

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Hey all, so I have a humble collection of blow molds and my idea for a halloween haunt this year will be to have all the ones shown in the picture outside in the front lawn for a makeshift pumpkin patch of sorts. I'll have hale bays, tombstones, some fencing I built and other things out there to dress the display up a bit.

My question is, I'd love to have this outside as long as I can. Is there some sort of a clear-coat spray or anything I can put on these to protect them from fading? Would love to hear the advice from all of you experts on this one. Thanks so much!


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Thanks Casey, it sure does! So you've had good luck with it every year and haven't noticed any fading on yours?

Much appreciated!
Correct. I've used it for the past couple of years with no noticed fading. I also try and keep my blowmolds out of direct sunlight as much as possible by using shade but they have been exposed to Northeast colder weather as well. Good luck with your great looking collection.
Picked myself up a bottle of that today and will give it a shot. Here's the one I found at "Advance Autoparts"

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The blowmolds I have will have to take on morning sun as they're on the East side of the house. But they should be shielded for most of the afternoon. Thank you again for the advice and the kind words!!

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