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prosthetic adhesive and paint/make up

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Anybody out there know where in Alberta, specifically Edmonton, that one can purchase Pros-Aide and good make up and/or paints for latex prosthetics?

I find that as I sweat from wearing prosthetics that they tend to just slide right off of my face. I've only ever been able to find spirit gum, which is terrible or liquid latex, which just seems to sweat right off when used as a face adhesive for setting prosthetics.

I would like to do a lord of darkness style devil costume that will require very good adhesive for the latex appliances and some good face/body paint for the red skin.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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In Alberta (Calgary) there is bleedingartindustries.com or in B.C. there is hollynorth.com if you want to order on line. Not 100% sure where you could buy it in person.
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