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props for sale

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Selling some props I am in Oak Lawn Illinois, 60453 I would ship out if interested will consider best reasonable offers too.

-Life size animated reaper of souls props works great used there is a crack on the neck can be easily fixed with liquid latex not that noticeable thought I would mention it bought it for $200 $140 obo plus shipping or local pick up SOLD

-Animated Pinhead prop rare no longer made he is missing some pins on his head most of them are on the back of his head works great eyes shift, mouth moves with audio, and the puzzle box he holds lights up $350 obo plus shipping.

-Animated Hannibal Lecter prop face mask no longer moves as with most of these he does move side to side, has audio and eyes shift. Rare no longer made $350 obo as well.

-Donna the dead in black dress works great and looks great as well $300 obo plus shipping.
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I also have an ultimate winged reaper for sale as well $130 plus shipping for this we made a new costume for it too. You will need some wire fasteners for the base.

I have bought from slash before , he's a great seller, does what he says he's gonna do, thx bud
good luck with the props
I will also second spookydave, I have bought from slash before also and it was a great and easy transaction.
will ship in the us paypal only would accept best reasonable offers. thanks guys :)
price lowered 275 plus shipping for pinhead and the lecter 260 obo plus shipping his face mask doesn't work like most of them. He still moves side to side audio and eyes move.
Agree with others, I have also purchased from slash. Great experience. Packed and shipped my items beautifully.
BTW Slash you don't happen to have a hanging half corpse do you? :)
still have pinhead and donna and the ultimate reaper sale pending on Lecter.
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ok lecter is sold thank you. still have donna, pinhead, 2010 freddy Krueger.
Removed to avoid dispute.
would do 200 for pinhead.
still have pinhead freddy donna and the ultimate winged reaper.
reaper of souls sold!
oh so these aren't your personal collection ,you just buy and resell .
how much for the Freddt, and do you have pics?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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