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Props and Pics

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Hi all,

I have a few pics of some props made over the past couple of years;

Halloween Forum - doctordoom's Album: Legacy of Horror

Also I have a website with more pictures and videos of props.

If you're bored, head over to Legacy of Horror and have a peak.

Most, if not all the props are inspired by what I've read on these forums.

So thanks to everyone for the inspiration and help along the way.
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Hands are coat hanger wire, masking tape, duck tape and then smeared with 'Great Stuff'. Then painted.
Well done! I like how all your dummies have fitting themes for costumes. Mine are still in the: "whatever I can find clothes" and gloves for hands. Hope to move that direction in years to come. Just to much going on this year!

There is a bunch of animated props at The Props

WWM based, I'd like to get into air powered one of these days.
Those are some very nice props. The hands look really good. I've been searching for a good example of some hands to make.
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