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Props Acquisitions...

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Hello all... I've had a somewhat successful week of acumulating various bits & pieces from craigslist!

Last week, picked up a Chauvet 2000s Technostrobe for my lightning effects!

Products » Techno Strobeâ„¢ 2000S | | CHAUVET® Lighting

Also got a pair of really decent 19 watt wireless speakers for a song! They work awsome and I can use them for my regular patio all year round!

Managed to find 2 foam wig heads. It's amazing how hard it is to find these when you want them! LOL

Now I'm just in the process of arranging to pick up these fantastic 2.5 ft tall palster pillars:

View attachment 4799

And this 18" Pillar. I can't wait to add these to my cemetery!!!

View attachment 4800

PS. I've also managed to finally pick up a copy of the Gamecube game; The Haunted Mansion and can now play it on my Wii whenever I need a more interactive Halloween fix!
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So far the only craigslist find I have is my two headless Freddy Kruger bodies.
Great find.
Got them for free and they make perfect dummies.

I keep checking and there is one good deal for some Halloween stuff right now, but various issues have kept me from taking advantage of it, though the deal is still there and guy has lowered his price. Maybe next if all is in alignment for once.

I am really looking for a wood or vinyl garden arbor right now for a project I am working on, but I've only seen one good deal on those I it went fast.
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