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Prop Sound modules

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Hi everyone, My name is Rob Werden and I run www.replicaprops.com
I just started making custom sound modules for props.

I looked around and there are not many low cost sound modules around for halloween props, costumes and haunts so I figured Id introduce my self and share some videos of my product.

As you can see from the videos on my youtube page mostly Ive been working in the movie and tv prop part of the industry, however the sound modules I supply are very flexible and can be applied to pretty much every market.

So if you have any questions, Im here to answer them. I can customize a sound module specifically to your needs. My website is set up so all you have to do is put the WAV files into a zip file and click upload. There are detailed instructions here Replica Prop Sound Board Model 4M Sound Module for Props [sound4] - $59.99 : Replica Props, Officially Licensed Smallville Prop Replicas

Here is a link to my youtube channel so you can see some examples of my work. YouTube - replicaprops's Channel

Rob Werden
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