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Blvd FrightNight
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I'm on other forums that have things like this. But here how it goes.

-Nomination a prop with a picture of the prop and the URL of the thread.
-NO NOMING YOUR SELF! If you do your vote will not be counted.
-Two Noms per person
-You second all you want which means you quote it and type seconded
-Keep Small talk to a minimum.
-Dead line is October, 31 2009
-At that time I will count the noms and put up the top 5. So we can vote.

Thanks You!

P.S. I will post an example. And mods if you could make this a sticky. Thanks.

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Too many great ones to pick only one - and it IS October! I'll have to wait to see what else comes up because right now, I'd be like Homer in a donut shop.

(and I got a chuckle over the "no NOMING yourself" since I speak LOLcat. :D )
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