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Not to be a newbie here....wait I am a newbie here but what would be the point? I'm not against books but there is so much online about making your own props that any book would just be a rip off/collection of those ideas. There is also more detail available in most how to's online than you could do in a book, unless that book only contained 10 projects or so.

Between the monsterlist, youtube and other sources there are enough projects online to keep one going for a life time.

Although if there is enough interest from haunters in a paper bound version of haunt projects then give me a few months, I have internet access, a printer and a stapler! J/k!
I myself only have the how to haunt your house and really enjoy sitting on the couch to read and re-read it.I also utilze the online resources but have to print them out to read and yes re-read.
And sometimes a book brings accross ideas that you haven't thought of before or came across before.
To halloween j don't have a b&n so don't know about what books they offer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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