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Prop help! Rosemary zombie girl

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Hi my name is Tony, I am new to this so hope that everyone gets to see this message. Anyway I have a prop from spirit Halloween store it's the Rosemary zombi girl and it stoped lurking and eyes don't glow any more, any ideas on how to fix it would help a lot want to have everything running good!
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I don't know what voltage this prop used but a broken wire will stop most devices, or a loose connection.
Do you have a set of directions with? Maybe ????????
It's common for the eyes to fail on the moving head props from Spirit. Because the heard turns back and forth, the wires experience metal fatigue to the point of breaking. You'll most like have to carefully pull the skin away from the head to access the wires just above the neck. Be very careful not to stretch her skin. I have a similar prop (girl on swing, same head) and have had to make the repair many times. In fact I need to pull the head apart on mine once again for this season.
Yea she moved and and sound it's just the eyes and lurching
Thanks maleficent I'll try that out hope it fixes it
My rosemary a yellow wire in her head came lose her head doesn't move or mouth or eyes don't light up anymore. She was my fave prop but she been nothing but problems
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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