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Hello All.

My name is Bill and I’m one of the founders of a new prop controller supplier named LifeApe. We are passionate about delivering low-cost controllers to the home haunt community with pro-haunt features and quality. We are considering a product that we hope the home haunt community will be interested in and are looking for your feedback to let us know if we are on the right track. Your feedback is very much appreciated and will directly impact what product we produce and price point.

So, without further ado. We are planning to create a variant of our ExtremeLIFE controller that is linked here. The feature set and price point we are currently planning is as follows.
• 4 Digital Outputs (1 Amp per output)
• 1 Trigger Input
• Line Out Audio (MP3 audio tracks are stored on the controller)
• Fully compatible with our free LifeApe SceneBuilder application – a few tutorial videos for SceneBuilder can be found here
• List Price:
$70 without an enclosure
$80 with full enclosure (like the ExtremeLIFE controller)

A few comments about the LifeApe SceneBuilder Application
• Allows you to create up to 16 unique timelines for your prop scene
• Each timeline can have a unique audio track with custom volume setting
• Enables easy or complex sequencing between the timelines. For example, you can program the controller to randomly execute a different scare timeline each time the prop is triggered.
• Provides simple drag-n-drop interface for creating your animation

Thank you for any time you can offer to let us know what you think!

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