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Prom Queen Fight to the Death Help :)

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My friend and I have decieded to go as prom queen candidates. Our "story" is that we both wanted to win so badly, that we killed eachother over it. :)

She wants me to be burnt to death. And Im having a problem with that part. Im not sure how to make realistic looking burn wounds. I had some liquid latex, liquid fake blood, and some blue and black marker paint that I tried messing around with. I figured that I could just use alot of blood to distract from the fact that I dont know how to do burn wounds. LOL This is what I ended up with. LOL

Any tips or suggestions? I looked around at a couple of stores, and couldnt find anything for burn wounds. Alot of bullet holes and scars, but that was it.

I bought my prom dress already. Got it for a steal at 6 bucks from the thrift store. I almost hate to ruin it, its so new and pretty. Any tips for what I can do to make it look scary?

Thanks for any help. :)
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Thanks. Maybe once I let it all dry, add more color/paint and more blood, it will look more realistic.

Man, did that latex stuff HURT taking it off. I wonder if there is a better way then to wet, soap it and pulling it off. It wouldnt rub off. Oh well, the price we pay for pain. :)
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