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I got dizzy over the years reading projector posts but have decided to take the leap and give it a try. Can someone give me a specific projector recommendation (brand/model) to try atmospherefx on? Cost is not as important as having a projector I will be happy with but I would prefer to keep the cost reasonable.

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+1 - Too close for such an extreme angle. One of the things I do is roll up my garage door all the way and cover the opening with brick-patterned background paper, then cut out a "window" and mount my shower curtain just behind it. I project from the INSIDE of the garage and get a fairly decent effect. Maybe you could do something similar with that hanging drapes thing you're doing? Just a thought. I was using an Epson EX-3212. It has 2800 lumens, which a lot of folks here will say is overkill, but I also use it for big-screen movies in my back yard, so I'm happy with it.

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