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Projector- what went wrong?

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Ok busted out the projector for the first time in our new house. Has planned on shooting it from our second story into the window for passers by to see. However ran into a few issues that hopefully someone can help me with.

When I shot it through the window the image seemed to reflect back and show off the wall leaving me with the small image in the glass and a huge second one behind it on the wall. Any ideas why? I had read that just shooting it through the window should be fine.

I wound up just turning the projector around and shooting off the wall for Halloween but still want to figure out why.

Thanks in advance
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I used projector for first time this year to project pirate ship and zombie pirates to TOT's. I used a thin white shower curtain from the Pound Store and stretched it tight across the window. Didn't make anything fancy just cut it to size and stuck down with blu-tack.I just moved the projector back until it filled the screen. It worked really well and was very clear from the front, and you couldn't see anything in the kitchen through it.
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