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projector opinions

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I saw two on ebay and would like opinions on them. I know nothing about projectors other than you need alot of lumens. I would like just to use with the fearfx in the window and looking to either use a flash drive (I dont have a dvd player) or ipad mini hook up. I see these two have a spot to put the flash drive which is what Im looking for. As far as bulb life what should I be looking for as far as hours left which would make it worthwhile to get a used projector. Im not looking to spend alot around $100 or just a bit over if i have to.



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Here is the problem with used projectors. The bulb could be working but they are usually very expensive to replace. Sometimes the bulb is more expensive than the price of the used projector. I'm not trying to discourage you. I have purchased used projectors and have not had a problem with them. But I did notice that you can reset the bulb hours on the projector at any time. So you really don't know how many hours are actually on a bulb. It's a gamble. But hey, who is out there resetting bulb hours to try and sell a used projector? I have purchased at least three different projectors off eBay and I have been very happy with all of them.
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