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Projection Screen for Garage Door

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Hey there!

I am looking for a cheap projection material to do a REAR projection in our third stall. It is a standard single stall garage door. I am in MN, so between weather and a street light, have decided to do rear projection. I have a business class Epson that will work great and plan on doing the AtmosFX pumpkins (without real pumpkins). I have sound sorted out too - but am not sure a good cheap way to do the screen.

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If you do a search you will find many options with chiffon being the best if you would like to see through and still project an image. I use a cheap white shower curtain for most of my projections. I did use chiffon in a doorway once when I wanted people to see my foyer and create a ghost effect.
Thanks. My biggest obstacle will be the sheer size needed. I will measure tonight, but I think it is something like 8x9 feet..
i use a 6 mil poly from hardware store taped on the outside of the door frame , i use a cheap projector i got of Amazon , good image for what i want , i do not know how to post a video on here to show you
I'm a big fan of the $1 plastic tablecloth, in gray/silver. For rear projection (not "hollusion") I've found these to work the best. They hide any "hotspot" from the projector light very well, while still allowing a clear image. Two of them should cover a single garage door, if it's not too tall.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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