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Projected Rain Effect

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Hi guys!

Been a while since I have been on the forums but after a year off from Halloween from a recent house move I'm slowly coming back into it. I was playing around with setting up my Firefly Lightning controller last night and it looks great on the house. But I was thinking what would really add to the effect would be when the lightning flashes you see simulated rain on the part of the house that lights up.

I was thinking it might be something similar to the Haunted Mansion Queue area but reversed. So in the queue are you inside the house and you see the rain in the windows when the lightning flashes. I wanna do something similar but when outside you see the effect on the house.

Anyone have any ideas or can point me to any direction on where I can find out how to create this effect?

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Hmmm... I'd think you'd want a projector of some sort. Can you control a small projector wit hit? Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Mini-Multimedia-Image-System-Projector/dp/B00G46X0OM/ref=sr_1_2

Never used this myself but it looks decent and like you wouldn't have to have a DVD player or PC out there too.

also you could consider the LCD screen to Overhead projector hack. The firefly could control the light in the overhead projector and the LCD could just loop the rain video.

Info here: http://lifehacker.com/5479504/convert-your-old-laptop-into-a-digital-projector

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That little one won't be bright enough or high enough resolution to show rain drops clearly, in my experience with it.

iMovie has (or at least used to have) a rain effect, so you could just drop in a black still image, apply the rain effect, and chop it up to make the lightning flashes.
I'm not sure how the firefly works, but I imagine you could have the sound effect on the video, then have that trigger the other flashes as well.

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Great ideas guys. One thing I'm worried about is my house is a ranch style so its long. I'm pretty sure there is no way to project the image on the house from just one projector.

I'm wondering if I can leverage the LED Spots I'm already using for the lightning. I have a FF511 so I have 4 channels of lights (one on far left, middle left, middle right, and far right of the house). This let me create the effect of different lightening flashes for different areas. Now I'm wondering if I can do sort of an inverse gobo effect. Since I want the rain drops to be black not white. I want the light from the lightening to illuminate the house but the rain drops cant be white. They need to be black to be seen. A traditional gobo wouldn't work as it would block all the light from the lightning and leave only the light that makes up the "drops". So I was thinking for a while how to heck to reverse it. Obviously I can't use holes in something so I was thinking maybe take a piece of clear material like say plexi and draw the rain drop lines with a sharpie or paint. This would let the lightning light pass through but block the rain drops. Then I think the drops would show up as black on the house. Now to make it look like its failing rain maybe I could mount the plexi it on a rotisserie motor in front of the LED bulb. I've had 4 rotisserie motor forever and never used them.

In my head it seems like it should work but what do you guys think?
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