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Project 6 Witch that Stirs Instructor's Thread

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Project: Witch with stirring mechanism

Instructor: Daddy Woof Dawg

Starting Date: June 1st

Materials List to Follow
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I'm working with monster guts on a group buy for wiper motors that will be used in the build.I don't have the price yet; but please let me know how many people want to buy some of these motors and how many motors you want. I should have a material list up soon, busy week!

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I'll start with the cauldron.
Materials List:
The Cauldron
I marked this in a cheap style and a deluxe way;The highlighted parts are additional for the deluxe version.
The cauldron starts off as a plastic 55-gallon drum blue or black it maybe free! if you can find a black drum, it will save you from having to apply a base coat of paint. If you cannot find a free drum from a local source, Plastic Tanks, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Bottles, Labware, PVC Pipe - United States Plastic Corporation does sell new black drums.
Or you can use a big plastic tub(Kmart,walmart,TSC) there back in the landscaping area this is what I used the first time I made one.
Foam insulation used to cover water pipes(if you use a barrel)
If you don't have a black barrel or tub you'll need
Paint made for plastics. I used Krylon® Fusion Satin Black and copper or bronze
Some 80-grit sandpaper
A glue made for plastics.(Make sure the glue is safe for foam). Some glues will eat away foam products.
A blue foam called Dow Sill Seal. It is normally used for insulation between a foundation and sill plate or around windows.
3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive
Two large Styrofoam rings purchased from a craft store
Two pieces of extruded pink foam (about 10ishx10ish inches)
Two small pieces of plywood about 10”Sq. Used as a base for the handles.
Small screws
A Styrofoam or plastic chain two six-foot lengths. Two sections of chain were used.
Four strings of orange flickering lights (red,or yellow)Plus another set of lights one or two strings of green or any color.
Tin foil
2x8 boards about 4-6'
2x4 boards about 8'
Hole saw or something to make a 2”or 3”hole in plastic (jig saw)2”or 3”Dia PVC and 90 degree elbow
12-volt DC windshield wiper motor
Wall wart I used an 8-volt, 5 amp power supply anything between 6V-12V
A 4x4 post cap and some angle brackets
Some 1/8" x 2" aluminum stock
A 3/4" x 3' wooden dowel (or a tree branch about the same size)
1" PVC pipe that is 3 inches shorter than the dowel.
1”A PVC end cap
Drill with screw bit and drill bits.

Glowing Embers:
1-2 cans of great stuff type spray foam
2x4'plywood 1/2" +-
1-3 strings of xmas lights orange,red,yellow
Black and or Brown spray paint ok for foam (latex or plastic)
2x lumber about 2' each or a couple of small logs even better.
2'-3"deck screws

2"x6" lumber
Two four foot 2x4's
Four U-bolts (to fit around the 1.5” PVC)
Schedule 40, 1.5" PVC pipe.about one 10' length you can have them cut it to two 33” sections and leave the rest whole till you get it home if you have a small car like me.
(2) 90 degree elbow fittings and three T-type fittings
1.5" to 3/4" reducer fitting
1/2”PVC about 10'
1/2”End caps
Two 45 degree fittings
Two T-fittings, two 45 degree elbow fittings and one 4-way junction
Small Eye bolts
Zip ties
Pool noodles
A 6 RPM 12vDC gear motor that can be purchased from HauntedPropsupply.com or eBay or all electronics.
1"x1" piece of steel angle stock
Styrofoam wig head
Mask and hands
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