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Problem!!! Count vigor

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Hi Haunters,
I am very experienced with props and especially Gemmy because they are very easy so he is collapsed from shipping but I can't get him back up. I'm thinking the white wire maybe in the way..... or the springs are old??? I really want him back up I really like him he's a great prop! I know about the collapse button and I know how to do that with Gemmy and MP figures.
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Have the 2 pegs in the bottom of the count been removed? (underneith, just turn and remove).
If not that then one of the legs springs are caught on something (cors, fabric etc.)
Yes they have. That is the problem I think or he could just be locked in that position because he's been that way for a while. I got him and the 2007 spirit reaper for $80 so not bad
Thats a great deal, give it some gental persuasion from the shoulders down. I've had a couple older ones that get caught every once in a while that needed some tough love!
yeah lol my ghastly groom was the same way
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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