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Being Amazon Prime Day, and with the TP-Link smart plug going for $20 (and a Wemo mini smart plug for $21), it occurred to me that an echo dot could be used as a pretty handy timer. Echo dots are going for $35 today for Prime Members. Prices above are also for Prime members.

Anyway, so, this presumes you've got:

1) An Amazon Echo unit
2) One or more compatible smart plugs
3) An MP3 loop containing your "Wake word", power on command, and power off commands (or however many you'd like, e.g. different durations)

This would be a hell of a lot more granular than your typical wall-socket timer.

Can anyone think of good uses for this in your haunt? I already have a few smart plugs; one for turning on / off an array of lamps in my home office, etc. Bought the Wemo mini smart plug for $20.99--and on top of that, I'll get a $10 credit since I ordered it over my Echo dot using a voice command. You get a $10 credit if you buy item $20 or more from the Alexa Deals page.

Wondering if I could deploy several of the smart plugs to implement the Disney Haunted Mansion traveling light effect:

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