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Presentation to public--ideas for interactivity?

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I'm going to be giving a public presentation this year on Halloween and some of the monsters that are associated with it. While it's mostly going to be me talking, I'd like to make it as interactive as possible. I'm somewhat limited by time and liability concerns, though. There will probably be people of all ages there, so I need some family-friendly and age-appropriate activities that are easy to set up and don't take long to implement. I've thought of the "headstone game" and a group reading of a spooky short story. I might be able to get some people to walk around in costume, but I'm not sure. We have a small budget, but most of it will be used for advertising and setting. There may be a bit left over, but probably not a lot. If you were taking a child, say 8-12 years old, to a public talk about Halloween, what would you like to see or do that would be fun for both adults and kids?
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Could you maybe start with a classic urban legend story like "The Hooked Hand" to scare the kids that aren't familiar. And then follow it up with a Mad Lib story. "We'll do the same story but with your suggestions." Then ask for nouns, verbs, etc. and tell the story a second time with the audience participation words. Probably will be some entertaining answers. If you can tell both version in the same scary voice, it should be funny.
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