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Practice package tape ghost

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Did this tonight for practice but it turned out pretty good. She's kind of hot too. Blue Cobalt blue Light Lighting Electric blue
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Wait...so you whipped all that up just tonight? Wow!
very cool! like better with the arms stretched out
Looks great!!! I'm thinking I need to make a few of these for our haunt this year.
Totally cool!!!
How exactly do you make these? I read a few tutorials but still a bit confused. It says packaging tape but I'm darn sure you can't just wrap tape around someone. Do you first use plastic then tape. How long does it take and how do you cut it off.
Looks outstanding!
Yes, she is hot, whoever she is. :)
Looks fabulous! I love the lighting you have on her too.
Thanks everyone. Danski I used shrink wrap first did the body then used a foam head for the head form.
now I want to make one!!! So cool well done!
She's awesome! Great work, I can't believe it only took you an hour!!
Very nice! I made one the other night, she didn't turn out quite as nice as yours though. Maybe I should try a "practice" one. I like the way you have her lit up, what lighting did you use?
Thanks. Its a cf blacklight bulb hanging from a pendant. I put some more cheese cloth over it to cover
She all about dat bass, no treble?
Great idea to drape cheesecloth over her! Looks even spookier!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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