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potion bottles idea

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Ten Two Studios Painted Potion Bottles

Check out this website. I like the glitter on the bottles
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Nice work at that site, thanks for posting.


I got to thinkin', wouldn't it look better if the sponged and fragmented colors were inside the bottle, with a grime (glue and cinnamon) on the edges of the outside? That way, you still get the depth of old glass.

As an example, take that first one, the black and red mottled look. You could put a small piece of sea sponge on the end of a straw or a pipe cleaner and speckle that red stuff on the inside walls of the bottle. When it dried, fill the bottle with black and swirl it around, so that the black is under the red.
That should give you the same texture and color scheme, but with the glass between you and the contents.
Smearing a little elmers glue on the outside to fog and haze the glass, as well as dirt around the neck and the lower body, would really create an extraordinary prop.

And, if you wanted bottles to look like earthenware or metal, give them three or four coats of artist's gesso on the outside, then a coat of acrylic craft paint in whatever color you want - glazed brown, tan, metallic copper, aged bronze, etc.
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I absolutely loved that tute! And I happen to be ready to work on my bottles!
Hmmm, thanks for posting this! I never even thought of painting my bottles, just filling them with interesting and gross things. Maybe I'll have to try something like this, it would save me time..and money!
I have filled my bottles....maybe it's time to make some more, that are painted - mix up the look in my witches kitchen. Thanks for the site!
Some of those bottles would look nice in a bathroom as well, like maybe hair tonics and other snake-oil type things.
That's a GREAT idea, Spats! I'm gonna try that sometime this week.
The only worry I have is that even putting a sealer on the bottles you have to be careful because acrylic paint will not adhear to glass.... if it gets bumped or damp the paint will peel off. There are some special paints you can buy at Michaels made just for painting on glass that might work better in the long run. Just something to keep in mind. But the site is wonderful, lots of great ideas and products.
I paint potion bottles and i find if you first paint them with elmers glue ( a thin coat) it will stick!!! Elaine
I stain glass paint my bottles or put pictures in or on them. My bottles are only 1 1/2 inches tall. I have other ones for special orders like pet or people memorials. Below is one of my "Elixiers of Death".
The first one is up close to show the "old" effect of the finish

View attachment 10468

This one is to show the original label for the size comparison.

View attachment 10469

I have 700 bottles just waiting to find a good home.....Elaine
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i love all the ideas here. i've just been filling my bottles too. looks like paint would be fun to do too.
Charmedp3 that is a great tip, I will try that in the future when I need to paint on glass. Thanks :)
Another Advantage!

From living beside the old city dump! Bottles! Bottles! Bottles! All old, no need to effect a foggy look they already have it!
1911 the dam broke and was never rebuilt..so "Let's throw all our junk over the cliff towards the little creek." This didnot stop until 1962.
When I got this house I had "no money", so all of my first displays came from the old dump, bottles I painted silly things on, cans too.
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