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I sew a lot and I just bought some plastic dress forms online, they were the cheapest I have seen anywhere.


I bought them for displaying clothes but I just realized that they could be used as halloween props as well, they are life-sized. I'm not really creative when it comes to body part props but maybe someone can think of something LOL. I bought the female torso for $2.99, child form for $2.99, and male form for $7.69. They are plastic and hollow inside, but seem very sturdy. They come with hangers so they can easily be hung, and I'm sure it'll be easy to add a head to hide the hanger. Priority mail shipping was about $6.xx for one form and went up to $9.xx for 3 forms, but I live in the same state (their store is in Los Angeles). But my online total was about $21.00


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