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Pose-N-Stay Skeleton for 3 axis skull?

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I searched around, but didn't see a post with information about what the inside of a Pose-N-Stay Skeleton's skull looks like. I see many people are using Bucky skulls or Lindberg skulls for 3 axis skulls. I already have a Pose-N-Stay Skeleton from Costco. These are relatively inexpensive - $35. I was thinking about attempting my first 3 axis skull with the Costco skeleton, but would like to avoid problems if others have already explored this path. I have not cut into the skull and would like to avoid it if this isn't a good approach.

Any info on what the inside of these skeletons look like? Anyone tried a 3 axis skull with one of these?

Thanks for the tips!
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I've built talking skulls from these, I'm sure 3-axis is doable.
Cool. Thanks J-Man. Did you place your talking controller and everything inside the skull? Was it a tight fit? Did you just use a dremel to cut the skull open?

Thanks again.
They're a little tight, but I did get the controller in the skull. I used an exacto knife to cut open the skull so as not to lose any material BUT, it's a little dangerous, you have to make sure no body parts are not in the path of a potential slip. :eek:
Thanks for the tips. I'll try this!
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