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Portrait Prop Ideas

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October 2008 was when i decided to try to start haunting and I went garage sailing. The first stop I got a bag of small spiders and a portrait dirt cheap. This picture is creepy and made for Halloween practically. I never figured out what to do with it. There is the drop down picture with a monster in the back who jumps out (which would be awesome and i may have to do in the future)

who can think of what I can do with the picture (check out the frame. nice old feel to it)

Picture 2 picture by mluther2 - Photobucket

IMG_0499-1.jpg picture by mluther2 - Photobucket
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You know those old movies with the portraits where some villain removes the eye slots to look through? I think that would be a great setup for that portrait! Either just have eyes moving back and forth, or take it to that next step of animating the eye holes moving out of place for the shifting eyes.
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