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Port Royal type haunt?

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I am getting a very late start but just moved to a new home and the idea was to have a pirate theme but instead of a ship is to have the house being invaded by the Pirates. Eventually I want cannon to fire and have a pirate blown off the muzzle of said cannon. But for a quick start for this year I am looking for any advice that might get me started for this year. I already have a pirate skeleton climbing the house but that is all I have and that seems to be 100% more than any neighbors so I hope with all the great ideas on here to get a head start on next year and inspire others to join the fun.
Thank you in advance
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We did a pirate theme years ago for our annual Boo Bash. I threw this dungeon scene together at the last minute with scraps of stone wall covering, some bones, a cheap groundbreaker and pvc. The Skeleton pirate with the bone is an animated "greeter." I hooked up a CD player with him calling out "Here doggy doggy" in a loop. It was representative of the dog with the key scene, as a nod to the Disney ride and the movie. It shows they didn't have much luck getting the key. What I would have given to have one of those now common dog skeletons back then.

Here are a couple of other random pirate shots from that year. This may give you some ideas.

Have fun with it!

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