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Porcupine Gulch yard haunt - 2015.

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Hello to all out there, haunt fans, ghosts, ghouls, and so forth...

Finally have enough of a start physically to begin sharing with this thread, though not a single light, cobweb, inch of fabric or etc. yet been placed. A pre-start, maybe? Infrastructure things to do before more comes out in September.

First backyard purchase of the seasons, found on sale at JoAnn fabrics/crafts:

And the new structure for this year - finishing work still needs to be done, place the rear interior wall with old wood and some props inside, batwing swinging doors are currently being built.

I am thinking for inside the saloon, maybe a good quality red light (anyone have suggestions for a standalone, large option, perhaps with 'flicker' aspect) and fog machine so it looks eerie and like fire still smoldering in there, along with a character for the window - if opt not to do the fog machine, there's enough room for a small box to do a 'Pepper's Ghost' effect inside and below the window, visible at night with a mask/shirt or shroud on a frame perhaps and light fading in and out.
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