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I hope I don’t ramble on to long here….this being my first post and all. My wife tells me I talk entirely too much!!
I purchased this pneumatic set-up on Ebay a few years ago. I never had the time to put it to good use, not to mention even after someone already spent the time to build it for me, I still was not sure how to use it. The first issue I had was how to wire the darn thing. It had no instructions and there were two wires hanging off the solenoid. What the heck do I do with these? I assumed they were positive and negative wires to power the solenoid and I was right. I cut a power cord I had lying around, connected the wires and walla. Then next issue was the air source. Purchasing a compressor and then running long lines to keep the sound out in the back yard seemed like an expensive and time consuming effort. Since I am into scuba diving, I have lots of air tanks laying around that I thought would work just as well and they do!! For those of you not familiar with compressed air, a normal air compressor has a psi rating of between 0 -120psi. You can control the amount of air coming out of the compressor with an air regulator. Depending on the type of pneumatic cylinder you are using and amount of weight you want to lift, you might only need 50psi to power your prop. The regulator used for SCUBA diving has a constant output of 120psi. This is too much air for my prop so I had to purchase an adjustable regulator at Lowe’s for $20. After I connected everything together and plugged it all in, the prop shot up like a rocket!!!! Be careful people!!!! Then I couldn’t figure out how to get it to go down. Do I need to keep turning of the air and let it bleed out slowly? Nope, that wasn’t right. I unplugged the power and down it went. Ah ha, that’s the ticket….power on…power off. That’s what triggers the solenoid. Now how was I going to trigger the prop? Simple…..back to Lowe’s and purchase a security motion sensor with a standard 110v plug-in connector. Plug in the prop and when someone walks past the motion sensor……wammo it goes off. The particular solenoid that came with my prop is made by MAC and has input and output settings that allow me to control the speed of the prop raising and lowering.
I have recently made my own pneumatic pop-up device with plans I got from phantasmechanics.com. Go there for more detailed info about using compressed air and pneumatics. They also provide all of the part numbers and tell you where to purchase. I bought most of the components at Grainger and all the tubing and fittings at Home Depot. I have provided some pics of it as well. This set-up will be used to power an acid spitter I’m working on. More pictures to follow when I get some of the components together. I am working on a air/water spitting device to go along with the pop-up.
This year my 14 year old daughter told me that my haunts were not very scary. She cut me hard….my own flesh and blood!!! So this year I bought a really nice “Regan” head from the exorcist on Ebay. She cost me a pretty penny but I think will be worth every bit when she’s in action. When I purchased her, she was a complete head (not wearable) but hollow. Not good for me. I needed to make her more rigid, so I purchased some “Great Stuff” foam at Lowe’s and filled in half her head and let it sit over night. This stuff really expands a lot, so make sure you don’t use too much. Then I put a 3” pipe inside and foamed around it. This would allow me to mount the head to the frame. I have used some garden fencing to form the body and am still working on the arms. The cool thing about this particular pop-up frame is that as she sits up….her head rotates to the right 45 degrees. I hope to post some video footage soon. I can’t wait to work on the lighting and I have a friend who says he can air brush some really cool eyes into her. Not sure if it’s needed, but it might look cool.
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