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Poison Ivy costume. Problems with Tutu skirt

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Hi all,

This is my first time making a costume. I want to be Poison Ivy this year. I have a green corset. I am going to hot glue some leaves to it. So I ordered this tutu skirt on ebay. Did not look too sheer I the picture but when I received it I was very disappointed. I am on a budget and this was the cheapest tutu skirt I could find. Its a neon green color. I do not really know what to wear on the inside. I tried it on with black stockings. I was thinking maybe I should wear black boots along with this. Would this be okay? Or should I go with green tights? Or should I wear boyshorts? I can afford only another $5 on this.

Here is the tutu skirt Green Clothing Costume Yellow Ballet tutu

It does not look too transparent in the picture. But it is. It is only 3 layers. So it is quite flat. But it is long. So I was wondering if I could fold the tulle.
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I have had issues with things like this in the past. I am not sure exactly how you are wanting it to look but I would go with green tights or the boy shorts it if was me. the more I think of it, I think I would do the tights...You could always add more leaves/vines around the skirt to pull it all together.

What are you planning to wear for shoes?

I have always wanted to do a Poison Ivy costume but never thought I could pull it off.

Good luck and I would love to see a picture of the finished product!

Edit - If you already have the black tights and boots and it will save you the money then do that! Like I said you can add some greenery to the tights, and if you don't want to mess up your boots you can maybe use some type of double sided tape or something that could easily be removed afterwards.

Best of luck.
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