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I originally posted this to thank scubaspook for his 4 button controller. I thought I should also post this under pneumatics. I used the 4 button controller to create the scene around the pneumatic coffin I built. Ambient cemetery sounds and blue lighting were initially on the coffin. When the motion sensor triggered, the ambient sound and lighting turned off and a red light inside the coffin turned on. Then the pneumatics kicked in with the scare sound effect. It was great! Even scared the high school kids! Many thanks to everyone that posted pneumatics tutorials. This was my first pneumatic prop build and I couldn't have done it without the great folks on the forum!

Inside coffin
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Room Plank

Night set up
Green Room Night Darkness

Controller guts were inside plastic tub and tucked under the shirt in the coffin
Electronics Hardware programmer Electronic engineering Technology Electronic device

Day Time Coffin Test
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