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Evening all. Hope your weekend is going well and productive.

My son asked if I'd make a tombstone for him - I'm a newbie and just finishing up my first one which is nothing fancy. Been so worried about making mistakes on it that I was to afraid to even try. So, finally just bit the bullet yesterday.

Anyway - he is 12 and going into 7th grade and one of his favorite games is "Minecraft" which is a computer game. So, thought I'd put his name and then something like "Enderman got him." something simple. But, then I thought I might buy a plushie toy enderman from amazon and glue it to the stone.

So, my question is - has anyone ever used a plushie on a stone and did you drylok it? Just paint it? wondering what you should do in case of rain. Also, do you usually just hot glue stuff like that onto the foam or is there a special adhesive you use?

Would be curious as to anyone's thoughts. I've attached a picture of "enderman" so you'll know what it is. Thanks in advance :)

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