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Please Help, wiper motor wiring!

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I am new to this website and just read thru 15 pages to find an answer and I still did not find one.

I scored 3 2001 cavalier wiper motors but cannot get them to work. Have 5 wires coming out of them- yellow, gray, black, purple, and green. I tried to connect it several ways with no luck. I have searched the Internet and YouTube, with no resolution. Please help!!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Attached are some pics

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By the looks of those, there's probably a circuit board in that case. If you can open the case, see if you're able to locate the 2 wires that actually go to the motor. If you can find those, just ditch the circuit board and put power directly to the motor.
Don't forget the body of the motor is often considered one of the "wires"... ground. Try loosening one of the screws on the motor and attaching a wire to it and give that a try. I use a 9 volt battery when testing motors so it doesn't cause a huge spark if I short something out accidentally.
I'm not sure how savvy you are in reading wiring diagrams, but if you take the model number that is on that sticker and plug it into the google machine with the words "wiring diagram", check images, and viola - you will have the factory wiring diagram for those motors. If you aren't too savvy, you can do the same thing and post the picture here and maybe one of us electrical types can help you out.!!

Hope this helped.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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