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please help me! I want a party this year!!!!!!!

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Taking two years off from the annual party, Im in need desperate need of a party for halloween 2015!!!
We have a small crowd of about 15-20. I want simple, fun and freaking good time! anyone else planning something similar?!
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We usually have a party that's not huge-- a few more than 15-20, but certainly not 100+. It might help gain more responses if you have specific questions about themes, food, activities, and so on. Also helpful-- whether you have a tight budget or not, whether you already have a theme picked, what sorts of interests your friends have (Is booze key? Do they like intellectual challenges? Are they physical/sports oriented?) Meantime, you might have some fun looking through already-existing threads on various party themes. That will give some ideas of what has worked for other people.
I hope it works out well and that you and your friends have a great time!
mine have always been for over 100...but last year because of divorce I didn't have one.But EVERYBODY is asking for one this year.I am going to have a smaller one with lots of dancing lol..really the host sets the tone.If you are fun don't matter what ya do it will be a hit.
Why do u need help? Sounds like you're doing just fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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