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Just an FYI...I was in my local Kroger's grocery store (in Ohio) yesterday, and they had all of their Halloween stuff marked down.

They had a 400W fog machine marked down from $35.99 to $17.99. Solution was down to $7.99.

I thought this was a decent price for a machine so I picked one up. Never thought to look for a fog machine there.

I had been looking at getting one (or 2, or 3) at some point, but hadn't really researched wattage or prices yet. My Halloween budget went to lighting and skellies this year. But from the little that I have seen, this isn't so bad of a price...? Maybe they will go lower closer to Halloween.

Its pretty basic. Has a corded remote. I figured it would serve its purpose for a newbie like me who is just starting to introduce fog into a display.

Does anyone think its worth picking up a few more at that price? Do fog machines usually drop in price after the holiday?

Thanks for any insight.
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