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Please allow me to introduce myself....

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Greetings and salutations,

I stumbled across this forum while searching for ideas for my Halloween movie marathon and had to sign right up. Im a 35 year old Halloween fanatic. I started decorating my little home on 9/1/2009 and cant wait for the season to get into full swing. Im glad to see that there are many more who share my enthusiasm for this dark holiday.

Greetings to all. :D
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Hi and WELCOME to the forum! :D
Welcome to the Forum.
I hope you find much to inspire you from the many talented members here.

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welcome aboard. later when you're done, please post pictures. you should have time by halloween to have a knock out display, plenty of time. lol.
So glad to have you joing our little family:)
Welcome to the forum! Don't forget to take a look at the chore wheel. We take turns changing the water in the brain tank, mowing the lawn and putting in dead grass and maggots, shaving the wolfman twice a day and watering the flesh eating plants.
Welcome to the forum!
yeah, the stones, love the song and them
Thank you, everyone, for your warm reception. I love this forum so far and have come across some greate ideas and lots of assistance. :D
Oy yay ~ I can start decorating ? Ive been excited since June LOL ~ welcome fellow fanatic. :)
Welcome to the forum. It's not that dark of a holiday if you use lotz of blacklights and green spotlights.lol
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