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Over all of the ambient wolf howls, thunder, torture, screams and laughs, I run a main stream of haunted MUSIC.

This is a lot of fun to put together every year on my iTunes. Here is my 2008 haunted music playlist. (If you want, you can find this stuff out there.) This is provided as a guide for people wanting a reasonably good stream of haunted music for Halloween night.

The reason I'm posting this is that people may just want a list of music to go hunting for.

(Sorry I can't post this as a table or something. The columns should be Title, Artist, Time and Album. There are a lot of "Artists" that I simply list here as "Halloween")

This Is Halloween (movie theme) 3:16
Night On Bald Mountain 6:49 Walt Disney's Fantasia
Legions Of The Dead Midnight Syndicate 2:46 Realm Of Shadows
GravesideStore2 2:24
Very Scary (Part 2) 2:43 Calling All Fiends compilation
Twilight Midnight Syndicate 2:44 Realm of Shadows
Amityville Horror Theme 4:18
Halloween Version Exorcist Theme 4:59
Lagoon 4:36 Calling All Fiends compilation
Time Outside of Time Midnight Syndicate 3:43 The 13th Hour
13 O' Clock in the Morning 5:14 Calling All Fiends compilation
Footsteps in the Dust Midnight Syndicate 1:54 The 13th Hour
Halloween theme - Terror mix Halloween 1:20 Halloween and Scary Compositions
Graveyard Midnight Syndicate 2:16 Vampyre
Disney-LoadHall Disney World Haunted House 0:56
Classical - Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 9:21
Disney's Chilling Thrilling Halloween Sound Effects 2:14
Army of the Dead Midnight Syndicate 4:09 Dungeons & Dragons
Halloween pipe organ and ghost 2:29
Haunted Mansion Organ Music (Disney) 3:31
Haunted XG 1:31
Instrumentals Haunted Mansion 4:22
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Spooks of Halloween Town 2:14
Beasts of the Borderlands Midnight Syndicate 2:57 Dungeons & Dragons
Nox Arcana Midnight Syndicate 1:47 Phantom Procession
Scary Music - Evil Theme 1:34
Theme From Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho 1:51
Crypt of the Forsaken Midnight Syndicate 3:42
Theme From Nightmare on Elm Street 3:37
Theme From Tales From the Crypt 1:29
Theme From The Twilight Zone 0:56
Stealth And Cunning Midnight Syndicate 1:16
Darkness Descends Midnight Syndicate 2:03 Born of the Night
Vampire's Kiss Midnight Syndicate 2:23 Born of the Night
Cold Embrace Midnight Syndicate 3:27 The 13th Hour
Theme From The Shining Halloween 3:29
Ruins Of Bone Hill Midnight Syndicate 2:24 Dungeons & Dragons
Requiem of Sorrow Lonerogue2 2:10 Requiem
Dusk Midnight Syndicate 1:29
The Apparition Midnight Syndicate 1:09 Born Of The Night
Unseen Eyes Midnight Syndicate 1:16 Vampyre
Theme From Jaws 2:16
Procession of the Damned Midnight Syndicate 3:14 Gates of Delirium
Realm of Shadows Midnight Syndicate 2:57
X-Files TV Theme Songs 3:25
How Strange... Midnight Syndicate 1:44
Gargoyles Midnight Syndicate 2:51 Born of the Night
Halloween in Hell Ruben Avena Montano jr 3:56
Descent into the Depths Midnight Syndicate 3:30
Phantasm Theme TV Theme Songs 3:08
Blackest Rose Midnight Syndicate 4:24 Vampyre
Dark Tower Midnight Syndicate 3:18
Haunted Nursery Midnight Syndicate 2:48 Born of the Night
Lucifer's Choir Midnight Syndicate 2:03
Friday The 13th Theme 1:15
The Lost Room Midnight Syndicate 3:23 The 13th Hour
Theme from Exorcist Halloween 3:09
Welcome Midnight Syndicate 2:31 Gates of Delerium
The Summoning Midnight Syndicate 3:15 Realm of Shadows
Witching Hour Midnight Syndicate 2:50 Realm of Shadows
Residents Past Midnight Syndicate 4:08 Gates of Delirium
Dark Discovery Midnight Syndicate 3:53 Gates of Delerium

BTW, Midnight Syndicate ROCKS!
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