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Hey all. Summer project has come to an end and my daughter loves it: Zoe's Playhouse - a set on Flickr But now it is time for dad to start thinking about how to theme it. I am thinking that I don't want people actually going inside as the door is only 5 foot and is bound to lead to some bonked heads. So I am thinking of a way to incorporate it into a theme. I can run electrical into it, and I can also lock it down for the night.

I have a couple thoughts on themes but nothing really solid.

One option is to turn it into a mausoleum. Hang some skeletons from the swing set area, maybe put up a facade, and stick a coffin inside with lighting.

Another thought is to make it the fortune tellers house. Picked up one of those big scream tv dvd's with genies and want to do the projection onto a globe.

Finally turn it into a mini ToT house. With some small manaquen ToTs heading for the door, and something rather creepy behind the door. Side window would be open so that people walking by could see both angles.

Would love to hear other thoughts! I know I posted one of these earlier, but I figured now that I have the final product to show that I would throw up a new one.

Going bump in the night..
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First thought that comes to mind is a witches hut.
Throw lots of vines and other foliage over the hut - wrap that beam for the swings well.
Take the swings down for Halloween, and hang up a cauldron over a fake fire, and add a witch.
Could make it a static, but pot-stirring witch...or animate her if you have the inclination.
Or, the witch could be a person - lots of possibilities for that setup.

Could do the inside up real well, or just board up the windows with eerie colored lights showing through from within.

Or, make it a "candy" house, like the Hansel & Gretel tale?

Just a couple of thoughts.

Mill Creek Haunted Hollow
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Bubbels -- looks fantastic. Great set of pics showing the construction -- very nice. Love the details like the door and shutters. Definitely gives me a few ideas for my own girls.

All of the possibilities you list are good,. My question would be what is your overall theme? Do you have a theme that the playhouse could be incorporated into? You could easily take all of your ideas and execute them one year after another. If you have specific themes, like haunted graveyard, haunted woods, witches gathering, spooky mine, etc., you can work the playhouse into it very easily.

Great work!
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