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Custom built Halloween Pipe Player Organ prop. This organ looks great and is a fantastic addition to any Halloween or haunted house set up.
It was built from a Wurlitzer Electric organ that was gutted. Pipes were added and painted silver with some light green highlights to shine under colored lights.
The basic set up at $250 includes:
- A 400 watt fogger
- Timed remote for the fogger
- Speakers with a hook up for any MP3 Player or to connect to a controller
- Power strip
- Geared motor for the keyboard movement
- Power adapters for the built in lighting and motor
- Lights in the main pipes (red - looks very cool with fog coming out of them!)
- Bench with post for mounting skeleton or mannequin

For an additional $100 I'll throwin:
- Skeleton
- 3 clamp lights and extension cord
- PicoBoo Controller (Look them up at frightprops.com)
- motion sensor trigger
- extension cords

You can see the organ in action on Youtube. It's very impressive whether the lighting and sound is controlled by the PicoBoo or just running solo with an MP3 player and proper lighting.

The organ has as you can see from the pictures, some sea shells on it as it was Davey Jone's organ last Halloween. You can see it on YouTube as well. If you are looking for Davey Jones to go with it, that prop is available for $250. It's VERY impressive and a full size mannequin with pirate clothes, hat, Claw, etc. Again, the video is the best way to describe it!

Daytime organ video: http://youtu.be/1NwF4vm5AOc
Also: http://youtu.be/fN0mm7_rRrw
Nighttime video: http://youtu.be/n71jtCF8AMA
Video that includes organ with Davey Jones: http://youtu.be/t4ua776AJyM

If you're interested, drop me a note and I'll get back to you ASAP.



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