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Last year, for my first kinda sorta yard display I put together a sad, sad garbage bag spider with a victim in a tree. The minions (read: children) wanted it to have lime green legs. Okay, no problem.

This year, I wanted to use those same legs since I had them lying around up in the attic. I also wanted to give them the textures I've seen done here so well. I slopped on the Great Stuff and had a bit of a half-***ed epiphany.

Why not corpse the legs, and paint over that? There's a lot less surface area that way as compared to shooting over every nook and cranny on the Great Stuff, and I'll be able to avoid the flat spots on the pipe where there is no Great Stuff.

Here's what it looks like with the Great Stuff shrink wrapped using the Stiltbeast plastic sheet method:

leg1.jpg leg2.jpg

You can tell you lose some of the details in the randomness of the Great Stuff application, but it also gives you a different overall look to the legs. This was my first attempt at spider legs so there are some major differences in the amount of Great Stuff I put on the joints from Leg 1 to Leg 8.

Here's a pair with the base coat of flat black applied.


You know what they really remind me of? It's probably my marine bio background, but the sharp peaks and spines speak King Crab legs to me.

I'm still going to give them a dry brush hit with a blood red that Home Depot had in the oops paint section. Yeah, score on that day!

If I had it to do again I'd go with a really dark wood stain, like ebony, to get that ooky juicy meaty look that stains can give you.

I should have the legs done in a day or two and attached to the body. The cephalothorax isn't to my liking, but I'll live.
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