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Plants VS. Zombies

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Has anyone else played this game. It just came out last week, it's for the PC and it is the most fun timewaster I have ever bought.
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why is that in props?
I guess I just wanted to share my joy with my friends. Since I spend most of my time in this forum. Sorry to be annoying.
It's a pretty fun game. You build a defence of flowers to fend of zombies. A similar style to missile command where the bunker replaces the lawn mower in terms of what to protect. There are 50 different plants each with there unique ability but you can only choose a set number of those plants 6 to start but can buy extra slots down the road. The zombies are easy to start but once you hit the football player zombies, and the Michael Jackson "Triller" zombies it ups the difficulty. I was hooked and actually bought it. My score 9/10. Check out the demo you can play about 10 boards(1 hr) before it expires.
This has what to do with halloween props?? Am I missing something here??
NOTHING!!!, I just wanted to share. OMG. Is it that hard to get it? The only thing you're missing is a sense of humor. Try the game and maybe you will get it. I'm actually considering basing my decor on the game theme. Some of the zombies are pretty hysterical.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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