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Glad I found this site! I'm a little late to the party this year, but the wheels are turning for next year. Ever since I went to one in my old neighborhood as a kid I've always wanted to do a "haunted yard" type of attraction but I've still got a few years to go with a 3 year old and one on the way to take trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Once they're old enough to go with friends though my plan is to invite some friends/other parents over to be my "actors" and do a haunted backyard. The plan would be to have two paths trick-or-treaters could take. One would be the well lit path to the front porch where my wife and her friends would be at the front door giving out candy, maybe with a few goofy motion activated things or some spooky music to give the little kids a little scare, but nothing major.

The other path would lead through the gate into the backyard with some ominous warning signs posted. My friends (the "actors") would be sitting around a roaring fire (which we do anyway in the fall) having a good time, dressed in ripped up, bloodstained, ratty clothing (overalls/coveralls, camouflage, etc...) with makeup on their faces to make them look dirty/darken their faces so they're hard to make out. Their backs would be to the gate and the approaching trick-or-treaters. Some kind of ominous funeral doom metal would be playing in the background.

When the trick-or-treaters approach, the actors would slowly get up and turn around, gripping some type of fake weapon like a machete, club, or sledgehammer and walk toward them. At that point, one of us (we'd take turns to be fair) would pop out of the shed wearing bloody coveralls, an old school welding helmet and wielding a chainsaw (chain removed of course), and proceed to chase them back out into the driveway where they'd finally be rewarded with candy :D The idea would be that we could all sit around and have a good time so that it's kind of a hybrid Halloween party/haunted attraction that will be fun for everyone.

I think this type of scare would work well for the middle school/teenage trick-or-treaters in our area. We live in a development of about 150 houses, but we're surrounded by a very rural area (farms, woods, etc...), so when the kids come through the back gate, it will look like they're heading to a party in the woods. Until the "partiers" make it clear that they're not welcome :eek: I've always been more afraid of real people than ghosts, zombies, etc...so I think the "stumbling on a party of crazy hillbilllies" would resonate. I'm curious to hear what you all think or what you think might add to the experience?
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