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Planning a Costume Contest

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This will be my 6th annual party, we have around 70 people attend. I want to do a cash prize costume contest that people can buy into for $5. I have done them every other year but just for prizes, not money. Do you find it better to have a panel of judges, or guests vote? What system do you use that might work better than what I have done in the past?

Thanks for the help!
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Personally I would have a judge or panel of judges as opposed to letting guests vote. I have done that in the past and everyone always votes for their family members even when they clearly didn't have the best costume. In my experience they have a hard time remaining objective. This year I will be the judge for our costume contest.
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well when I had guests vote i believe for our first party everyone ended up voting for me and i feel like it's more fun for the guests to win! Usually I will judge and pick a friend who is the secret judge and they usually go around scoping the party. People usually will go to that person and tell them all about their costume, as if they are interviewing lol it is great fun!
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This is exactly what I have encountered. I end up throwing out the votes for myself or my husband and going with the next person in order. I like the idea of a secret judge(s) that are objective. My sister would be a great person for this job and she is my co-host. I stay too busy to judge I think. Fantastic! Thank you for the ideas!!!
I had never thought of secret judges! That's a great idea.
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We do have our guests vote, but to avoid the problem of me or my husband being voted for, I am always sure to specify that host/hostess are not eligible contestants. I like the idea of having a buy in!
Has anyone ever looked into a Voting App for Droid or Apple devices? I thought that would be neat to set up an ipad for people to mark their names and place their votes but haven't seen anything for it.
Please update if anybody finds a voting app. That would be interactive, ideal
I love the secret judge idea! We have always had our guests vote, for funniest, scariest, sexiest and most original. However, this year my hubby and I will vote for those categories and we will have all our guests vote for their favorite so we will have a party favorite award. I have never done a cash prize but I usually give scratch off's.
We usually let the guests vote and you're right...sometimes they vote for their significant other, and not necessarily the best costume for the category (best, funniest, etc). this year, we are going to do a W.T.F. category as well. Wonder how that will end up!

We always say that myself and my husband are not eligible to win.
Loved all your inputs! I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the judging with my first party, but now I do! Secret Judge!! I would never have thought of that. Now to decide weather I will just one category,best, or maybe two; scariest and funniest? Any thoughts on this?
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